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Heartfelt by kick1et

Unfolding truths,

It was present by lies
 Tear drops, silent cries,
  Used to be loud smiles.
    Day by day, passing by,
  Used to be expected replies.
 Long hi’s turned to goodbyes.
Sweet sunrise flames now are
Incurables blames. What sweet
love it was. What sweet love..
…it was.
(The terrific picture is by KissMeAtApocalypse from It fits like a puzzle with the title. So I had to add it. Enjoy.)

Four Seasons by kick1et

This is a problem solver,

The leaves that fall in autumn.
Beauty that is caught-up,
Winter’s grasp sought it.
Deadly weather if you’re 
Caught under the weather.
Spring time is brought up,
Flowers claim the land.
Preparing where we stand,
Outstanding, but few understand.
The complexity of the seasons,
The many reasons why summer 
Is lost in the feeling. Summer 
Love is within tough of the
Believing. Phone numbers we
Won’t be calling. Leaves autumn
In a trance. Dead winter means
No dance. Lively spring springs
Back to life. Summer slowly
cuts my heart with a knife.
The four seasons.
(The picture is on Deviantart by IrvingGFM. Thank you for reading.)

Time as we know it by kick1et

Out of it, we tend to press rewind
Contrary to popular belief,
It’s a relief
Kept tracked on a clock,
It grows a pair of legs and walks
Stalks; kin to space
It’s lodged in our mind.
Out of it, we chase and chase.
An infinite race to erase.
The past resembles old paintings
The present a stroll in the park
The future ever so bleak
Full of potential peaks
The gears slowly leak into reality
Don’t be mad at me for seeking
Heatingly inspired to draw the city
Missiles aiming for your spirit
Break my watch but I’ll still
Keep watch.
(Time as we know it by kick1et)
(Picture is by PurplePeepBits. I usually go for something more alluding to accompany my work.. but this picture was too beautiful to not post on Tumblr. What time is it?)

Medusa’s Leer by kick1et

Your lucid eyes, crippling. 
Placed at a state of frost,
I stand still. Stiff. Frozen.
All for a cost of being lost.
Time to think, find that link. 
That chains us to our inner sphinx.
A modeled face to erase it all.
The emotions displaced upon
arrival of your smile.
It’s warming, inviting.
In spite of it I’m inspired to admire.
The deepest pond of desire, 
I swim. Drowning in my own
Contemplations. I’m debating to 
chase after you as a mate.
A partner in crime, you can be my
vengeance for innocence. In a 
sense you mean more than all 
cents. Hint after hint, a weak spot.
My Achilles’ heel, you roll me 
down a hill to spill. All my secrets.
An ear to whisper to. A voice that
whispers back, I love you too.
I’m a fool, trying to keep my cool.
Walked away into darker days
from my sparked-up days. 
Lost in grey, no black, no white. 
Will it ever go right?
It just might. Just might…
Tomorrow night. A flee from last
Night. Tonight doesn’t seem fit.
Losing all sorts of this and jest.
Gesture of my facials,
Hopefully it isn’t too late to 
Face you.

(The picture is by punkrockguy located on Deviantart. Check the arts out. Have a nice day Tumblees.)

Unspeakable by kick1et

Delusional, confusion on repeat

Walking down the street

Bumped into you.

A graceful soul with wide eyes

Thoughts from my mind:

"I’m a wise guy, nice to meet you"

They call it greet and meet

I’m lost, trying to be found

My thoughts speak loud

My mouth speaks quiet

I’m sorry my confidence is low

Your glow got me feeling whole

Palms wet

Voice cracking

Your hands wave

You took away my brave

I stand tall

But my stance falls.

I’m mentally capable

But physically incapable

You reach for a glance

My soul wants to dance

But my body can’t.

Think more than I speak

Speak less than  blink

You walk away

I fade away

Its repeated in my mind

Damn, what a loss of time.

Next time when we meet

I’ll be sure to greet.

(The picture is by look-out-sunshine on Deviantart. Check out her artwork. The picture simplifies my writing. Have a nice day Tumblees.)

Of Love


My love is unspeakable
His eyes unreadable
I will spend my whole life
Transcribing them

My love is limitless
His shape mysterious
I will try to figure out
How he lures me so

I speak of love to him
Tell him that I love him
Drawing out what’s within
The thread is endless

My love is requited
His love is a gift
So huge, I will spend
Eternity unwrapping it


(Reblogged from byligita)

I am Afraid by Unknown

You say that you love rain, 
but you open your umbrella when it rains… 
You say that you love the sun, 
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines… 
You say that you love the wind, 
But you close your windows when wind blows… 
This is why I am afraid; 
You say that you love me too…

Silencing the night by kick1et

I’m wrong.

The endf of it all, 

The content, the flow.

The promises, the “I won’t let you go’s.”

The rhyme, the rhythm.

No time, just hit em.

Split second, not wreck it.

Protect it, in a split second.

I’m a reverse right, 

A day with no night.

A mix between being right and wrong;

Completely lost with no might.

Well damn, it’s going to be a 


Long, night.

(This picture is created by silent-reverie from It does wonders with this writing by me. So I hope you guys enjoy. Smile!)

Tickets for a queen by kick1et

Stressed, what a mess.

Like a bird that fell,

Off the nest.

A big test with no

Parents or friends.

Just you and the air,

It’s so tight, 

It ensnares.

It’s a freak show.

It’s a freak accident.

Should I repent?

For the sins sent?

For all the lost hearts,

For all the ripped parts.

Towed like carts,

Crowded like marts.

Life is full of smarts,

I’m quite dumb.

A fumbled football, 

A grumbled player.

A stumbled foot,

A broken ankle.

A misguided tango,

A ruined dance partner.

Subject to be apart;

From her.

Lost like the fur on

Poached animals.

A team not yet ready;

To be coached.

A sloth in the act

Of moving too fast.

Fell off the stack,

Landed out the book.

Became reality,

Can you stay mad at me? 

It’s fiction becoming non.

It’s friction becoming scars.

A love for the weary,

A smile for the scary.

A path of stairs

Heading down the wrong.

Wrong, dead wrong.

Wrong, end of the song.

Wrong, no ping to the pong.

No queen to elite kings.

i’m a misjudged judgement.

I’m a ripped copy

Without the proper consent.

I’m a lost content,

On the verge of being bent.

I’m a lent item,

Lost as ever.

I’m like an evergreen,

Full of self-esteem

But to no one; 

Is it redeemed?

Is it more than it seems?

Is it?

Let’s just forget.

Forget all the let downs.

The set downs.

The let downs.

The ups;

The downs;

The smiles;

The frowns.

The kings with lost crowns;

They never once made a sound.

(The picture is by reaper-bunny from It was a perfect match for this writing… So there you have it. I hope you guys enjoy. Visit bunny’s artwork.)

Lost apps by kick1et

We need something different

like a leaf in progression with

The seasons.

The many reason that, 

Keeps us breathing.

It keeps us… 


Holding onto strong ties,

Strong ties with flavored lies.

Like tea. A variety of aroma,

More than flowers of summer.

A strong sense of smell, 

A dense, rinsed intense feeling of

It all.

Something like we left it in a stall.

A pause. 

A lost cause.

A misplaced apparel.

I’m not a popular app,

But I’m apt to be better than

The average guy.

He lies, she flies.

She glides, he subsides.

He shrinks, she grows.

A bow to them both.

Love is more than an oath.

It’s more like the structure

Of a boat.

Much more than any given luck.

Who is supposed to give a fuck?

Tuck your secrets to sleep.

Put her to sleep.

Keep it deep.

Keep it sweet.

Take a leap.

Reap the seeds,

Remember the ones you

Once sown?

The flowers

Closely grown.

The blossoms

Almost bloomed.

The groom

Almost to the moon.

He’s the forger of 

The room.

The bride,

She’s hidden.



A riddle left;


Revolving like

Malfunctioning doors.

Adorable to the pores of

Galore and allure.

A song left on repeat,

She’s stuck with no feet.

No meet and greet,

Or some secret treat.

Just envy and defeat.

Just envy and defeat.

Enviously defeated.

(This picture belongs to Spako from It describes this writing very greatly. So there it is :))