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Puppet Poetry;

Support the homie. His brand of Hip-Hop is different. You guys should give it a spin.

Played 110 times


“Can I kick it ? Tae Bo 

Caterpillar nigga , Butterfly Blade .. Sharp Flow

What up sun ? Apollo  

Watch out for the knockos , yeah you know the 5-0 

And them stuck up smuts sippin’ on Moscato Bottles 

Never ever follow 

Create your own path 

I tried to wash away my sins it was something like a blood bath 

As the wind blow 

Time past 

But my halloween last 

With a smile for a mask

Every time she ask 

I say Im doing fine 

I never let her know how a nigga feel or whats really on my mind

Pop another pill , take another shot 

Then smoke another blunt man this musics all I got”

This is my boi, Sour, from NYC. His rap style is Poetry Rap for the most part. I think Hip-Hop really needs people like him. Do not change a thing about your style. Do what you love to do and the money shall follow Sour. 

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Good day to ya Tumblees.

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